Instant Download 1930s Butterick Winter 1938 Fashion Magazine Pattern Book Catalog


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Butterick Fashion Magazine

Winter 1938


This Instant Download E-book gets you beautiful scans of pages from the Butterick Fashion Magazine from 1938.


This stunning sewing pattern catalog is stunning!  It has 47 pages with almost all pages in color. This kind of pattern catalog has two to three patterns on most pages, more for kids pages.   The pages are saved in the jpeg format to make them easy to use in your art projects.


This pattern catalog is hard to find.  It has gorgeous pictures of patterns for dresses, evening gowns, wedding dresses, blouses, kids, lingerie and more. This "pattern book" style catalog is regular magazine size, the color pages are printed on heavier paper..  These pages make great content for bins and blog posts.


This digital e-book contains pages from the Butterick Fashion Magazine Winter 1938. This catalog is almost all pattern pages with minimal articles that are directly related to the patterns in this catalog. We included all the pages in this catalog. The catalog was originally entered into copyright in 1938, it was not renewed in its 28th year and entered into the public domain in 1966. While the catalog and the pictures within are copyright free, these scans represent my work. You may use the pictures for your projects but you can not resell these scans.

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