1950s Workbasket Transfer 11 Darlin DOW Victorian Housewife Uncut ORIGINAL

$ 7.50

Vintage Redline Workbasket Magazine Number 11
Embroidery Transfers
Cute and Victorian Gal  Day of the Week!


This is a sweetie of a Lovely Bunch of uncut motifs  which were inserts  from the Old Workbasket Magazine.  These are hard to date because they reissued them over and over. From the 1940s though the 1970s.  They also have staple hole in the center and a few have edge damage but all uncut and unused~!


This comes with  one sheet (8 x 17) from workbasket magazines.  This are just too cute and  features an busy lady from the 1890s from in a day of the week format.   There are a 7 Motifs which show her at her daily tasks, mending, laundry, ironing... I think you get the idea!  All these sweeties in uncut and unused and in nice  condition.

This is still factory folded and complete… What a super pattern  transfer and a

Way cool look at the past