1940s Workbasket Embroidery Transfer #82 Uncut Helpful Miss Tea Towels & More


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1940s Original Vintage Redline Number 82
Pattern & Embroidery Transfers

Each sheet includes multiple embroidery projects included on this uncut sheet are motifs for

7 "Helpful" Miss Designs for a Tea Towel Set

Morning Glory Motifs for a Luncheon Cloth

Pansy Motifs for Pillowcases and Vanity Scarves
This transfer is in  uncut and unused  and in very nice condition; these photos are stock photos, small differences might occur between these pictures and the transfer you will receive, minor pin holes and things like that, you will always get an uncut, unused transfer in nice condition.

This is still factory folded and complete… What a super pattern  and a

Way cool look at the PAST!

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