1940s Workbasket Embroidery Transfer #68 Alter Cloth Religious Motifs & More


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1940s Original Vintage Redline Number 68
Pattern & Embroidery Transfers
Religious Motifs for an Alter Cloth
Flowers, Baskets, Script Letters and More
for Pillowcases, Chair Backs & Guest Towels


This is a sweetie of an uncut vintage transfer.  This is a very vintage Redline transfer with a bunch more to offer.  Included on this uncut sheet from the past  are motifs for

    Alter Cloth Motifs
   Full Script Monogram Alphabet
    Lotus Flower Pillowcase End
and So Much More

It is the kind that was ordered from Workbasket Magazine and sent to you home by mail.  This is probably from the late 40s or early 50s,    


This transfer is in  uncut and unused  and in very nice condition.

This is still factory folded and complete.