1940s Embroidery Transfer DOW Bonnet Gals & More Uncut Blue Line Motifs ORIG

$ 7.95

1940s Blue Line
Embroidery Transfer
Mixed Motif
Sun Bonnet Gals and More!

This is an outstanding vintage transfer from the 1940s. It is a blue line that was probably a mail order pattern. There are a bunch of varied motifs which include....


    Sun Bonnet Gals...7

    Tulip for and Apron

    Sweet simple Fawn for Applique

    Sweet simple Duck for Applique

    Small panel for a pillow (about 6 x 7) ...Kitty and puppy make friends

    Luncheon Cloth and napkin designs

    Kitty pan Holder

    Pillowslip design

This is uncut and unused and is really a fun piece!  You can see in the picture that one edge is a little faded but it is uncut ans unused


These are unmarked as to manufacturer but were probably purchased through the local newspaper and sent to your home by mail...just like Laura Wheeler and Alice Brooks.

This is just so cute. It offers the skirts and tops of the bonnet girls in two motifs so you can have them bend over or lean one way or another. This uncut, unused... it is factory folded. What a super transfer and a

Way cool look at the PAST!