1930s Vintage Butterick Embroidery Transfer 16085 Uncut Sofa Pillow Motifs


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1930 Vintage Butterick Hot Iron Transfer #16085
Rare Embroidery Transfer

Designs for Italian Quilting on Decorative Pillows

Gorgeous Art Deco Design

Factory Folded and Unused
in the Original Envelope

This is a very special Butterick embroidery transfer from 1930.  This transfer was found in both a 1923 catalog and a 1930 catalog, this envelope however definitely dates it to 1930.  This transfer has designs for three sofa pillows with trapunto quilting.  Trapunto or Italian quilting is a stunning quilting methods where you use a single color thread and silk top and sew fine running lines to create parallel lines that create channels through the silk top layer and the lining, you then run wool through these channels to create a raised look.  The end result is out of this world, though I probably described the method poorly.

This is in very nice condition.  It is factory folded and unused.  The transfer is printed in yellow and comes with the original envelope too.

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