1920s Art Nouveau Lady Bedspread Center Uncut Standard Embroidery Transfer 10647

$ 18.95

Vintage 1910s 1920s Standard Hot Iron Transfer 10647
ORIGINAL Embroidery Transfers
Art Nouveau Lady Bedspread

Made to Look Like Filet Crochet
but Its Actually Cross Stitch
20 x 24 Inches
Factory Folded and Unused

This is a wonderful vintage hot iron transfer from the Standard Transfer company in the late 1910s or 1920s. The transfer makes a large 20 x 24 inch bedspread center featuring the side view of a pretty woman.  It is made to look like filet crochet but is actually done in cross stitch.
This transfer is factory folded and unused. It comes with the original envelope. The transfer is in good condition but the envelope has some expected wear for it's age.