Digital Download 1940s Anne Adams Mail Order 1949 Pattern Book Catalog 24 pg Ebook


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Instant Digital Download for Your Research
Anne Adams Catalog
Dated 1949
This easy instant digital download gets you beautiful scans of pages from an Anne Adams mail order catalog from 1949
This stunning obscure sewing pattern catalog has 24 pages.The pages are saved in the jpeg format to make them easy to use in your art projects.
This pattern catalog is hard to find and is dated 1949. Traditionally, Anne Adams and Marian Martin Mail Order Patterns don't include a graphic envelopes so the only place we can truly see the designer's original vision is in these fantastic catalogs. Great content for bins and blog posts.


Included is a Simple Free Pattern for a Shampoo Smock
This digital download E-Book contains pages from a mid 1930s Anne Adams Mail Order Catalog.  It is 24 pages with most pages in two tone color.

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