Betty Burton 1918: 1930s Cute Puppy DOW Tea Towel Uncut Embroidery Transfer

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1930s Betty Burton or Joseph Walker
ORIGINAL  Vintage Hot Iron Transfers 1918

Rare Busy Puppy and Kitty Cat Pals
Day of the Week Towels
For Tea Towel Embroidery

Uncut and Unused...In Near Mint Condition.
This is a really rare and special Day of the Week embroidery  transfer.  It is unmarked but looks like ones I have seen from Joseph Walker or Betty Burton.  The look and style of these is wonderful and a great look back at a very different time! These feature a darling pals... helping with a different chore every day of the week.


This come to you on one single uncut page that is right out of the past.  This is an original, uncut, unused transfer  without an envelope.  This is a cute one and really hard to find!. What a Darling pattern and a super look at the past

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