1940s Workbasket Embroidery Transfer 61 Elegant Baby Coverlet Uncut ORIG


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Original Vintage Redline #61 Pattern & Embroidery Transfers
Beautiful Old World Baby Coverlet
The Lord is my Sheppard Altar Cloth And More

Original and Uncut very vintage Redline transfer with a bunch more to offer. Included on this original, uncut sheet from the past are motifs for Old World, very classy Rock-a-by Baby coverlet quilt motif with darling birds for the corners and Sweet Peas too! This makes up to be 36 x 42 The Lord is my Sheppard altar cloth with Bible and candle Pattern for a long slim wooden spoon holder A lovely altar cloth Cross Motif. This is very pretty, intricate and with cutwork details. Very Delicate! and some very simple, tiny crosses to be done on 1 1/2 inch ribbon for bookmarks. The pattern suggests that this would be a great project for children. Looks like it would go fast and be kinda fun. ''

This is the kind that was ordered from Workbasket Magazine and sent to you home by mail. This is probably from the late 40s or early 50s, This transfer is in uncut and unused condition. Some of these may be a bit weak at the folds but not to worry.. we would never send on that was substandard.

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