1930s Gazette & Daily Beauty Mail Order Sewing Pattern Catalog Digital Download


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Digital Download for Your Research or Pleasure

Beauty Pattern Catalog
from Gazette and Daily
in the Early 1930s


This digital download gets you all the pages of a rare home mail order catalog in the early 1930s.  The newspaper it came from was called "Gazette & Daily".  The patterns shown within are generally considered "unmarked" mail orders.  This catalog is important because there is so little information on the minor mail order companies.  The number series run in the high 7000 to low 8000.


This stunning sewing pattern catalog is wonderful.  It has 52 pages that were small so there are two pages per scanned pictures.  The pages are saved in the jpeg format to make them easy to use in your art projects.


This pattern catalog is hard to find.  It features unmarked mail order patterns that are hard to date and get information on.  Sometimes they have no name and other times they will just say "Style".  This catalog has been helpful for us trying to learn about mail order patterns.


This digital e-book contains pages from the Gazette and Daily "Beauty" mail order home catalog.  This little catalog was undated and had no copyright assertion in the front page.  I think that puts it the public domain in the early 60s.  While the catalog and the pictures within are copyright free, these scans represent my work. You may use the pictures for your projects but you can not resell these scans.

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