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Posted by Judy Yates on

Welcome.  This brand  new store is a real adventure for us.  We have been selling with the big online auction house since 2001 and have, for some time wanted to branch out and start something on our own.  So... Here we go.  We have thousands of patterns and transfers from lots of eras.  We have things from the 1910s to the 1960s.  We have catalogs, books, sewing patterns and embroidery transfers and they are all originals.  We hope to offer some FREE vintage patterns that are long out of copyright but anything you buy from us is a real piece of history and a window into the lives of ladies of the past. 

I find patterns and fashion just so fascinating and the cover art on the pattern jackets and in the catalogs is just beautiful. Check back.  we will be adding things all the time and hope to be your go to place for your vintage sewing needs and inspiration. 


Judy and Corey

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